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We are headquartered in Los Angeles and founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 global shutdown. Like everyone else, we were devastated to experience the collapse of so many businesses.


We believe in the human spirit, and created a solution to simplify the process of forming and operating a legally compliant business, so our economy can thrive once again.

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Ko Law Group (KLG), a California Professional Law Corporation (“PLC”), is a business law firm that focuses and commits to assisting and guiding new or existing businesses with their legal needs and requirements, to maximize the general personal protection of each business owner  and control of the company by the client.

KLG conducts legal review and analysis of each business

as a unique business legal entity. KLG reviews and analyzes each client’s business objectives and determines the most suitable legal entity that will meet the client’s business needs for success.

Our KLG attorneys are licensed by the California Bar Association and are trained under our quality driven legal review process to ensure and establish the most suitable legal entity.

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KLG Commits to Your Business Legal Entity from Formation to Compliance throughout the business life cycle with professional due diligence

KLG acts as your legal counselor.


KLG assists you (the client) with our successful and proven business legal practice to walk through the complex California legal requirements path with ease, including the general liability protection benefit for all California incorporation (C corporation or S corporation) and Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) formations.  


KLG provides legal guidance and handles each Legal Business Entity’s unique characteristics individually that is subject to the terms and conditions of the Bylaws, Shareholders Agreement, Operating Agreement, and/or any other agreement(s) specified by the Founder(s) of the new business or company.  


KLG attorneys can tailor your specific business needs, circumstances and objectives to draft the Internal Legal Documentation of the Legal Business Entity that will be important to maximize your Business Entity legal protection, control and compliance matters.  

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KLG and our professional business attorneys will guide, inform and advise YOU, with your unique business circumstances, goals and vision, to correctly, legally and officially form the most suitable Legal Entity for your new business or company, and to systematically and timely conform to the Compliance regulations imposed and required by the California Secretary of State’s Office and other governmental agencies


$1 legal consultation
(Up To 
15 minutes)

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