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After your business entity has formed,  KLG offers attorney flat fee value added services to:


  • MAINTAIN business compliance and good legal business standing. 

  • REVIEW general protection of personal assets and legal documentation. 

Post Formation Client-KLG Attorney To Do List

  • Consult with our attorney on Post Formation business legal matters.

  • Prepare and Review an annual report.

  • Prepare and Review Shareholder Agreement for a corporation.

  • Prepare and Review minutes for all shareholder, board, and committee meetings.

  • Prepare and Review an Operating Agreement for an LLC.

  • Prepare and submit California Secretary of State’s required documentation to maintain general compliance to prevent fines and penalties.

  • Prepare and Review Lease Agreements.

  • Prepare and Review business Contracts.

  • Submit required documents with the California Secretary of State’s office.

  • Maintain and Review business books and records.

  • Ensure compliance with the California Secretary Of State’s laws when issuing stock and other securities

  • Secure all required licenses

  • Review annual general compliance matters.

  • Review general protection of personal assets and record keeping of all changes of assets due to life and business changes. 

  • Evaluate, Review and Respond promptly in the event of a legal lawsuit

  • Ensure that the company is properly registered

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